Unveiling the New Trainsplit: A Fresh Look with the Same Great Value!

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12 Feb 20247 min read

We're excited to introduce the revamped Trainsplit experience to more of our visitors. While our commitment to providing the best splits, fares, and prices remains rock-solid, we've given our platform a modern facelift. Dive into the details of our new features, improved mobile experience, and our exciting plans for the future.

With our recent redesign, we've put a special focus on enhancing your experience on the go. The new platform offers better mobile support, ensuring seamless navigation and optimal display on smaller screens. Whether you're planning your journey from your smartphone or tablet, you can now enjoy a more user-friendly interface that adapts to your device, making travel planning even more convenient.

Discover the New Features

Let's delve into some of the features you'll encounter on the new platform.

Results Screen

Take a look at the comparison between the results screen on the previous V3 platform (left) and the new platform (right).

compare v3 vs argon

Instantly, you'll observe that all results are neatly listed for quick reference. In the example of a single journey from London to Manchester at the end of March, the fastest route is highlighted in green, clocking in at 2 hours and 6 minutes. Additionally, you'll notice markers indicating slower or alternative journeys (depicted by a turtle icon), which might involve more time or a couple of changes but could offer a more budget-friendly option. The cheapest fare will also be highlighted in green whenever possible on the results screen.

First Class Option

Upgrading to First Class is a breeze. Simply search for a journey, then use the Standard | First toggle in the top-right, which would allow you to see the cost of First Class across all of the results.

Change Ticket Selection

Select a journey time, then tap on "Change Ticket Selection" where you'll be presented with a list of fares, allowing you to select the level of flexibility that best fits your preferences. The icons accompanying each fare offer a quick overview, indicating which fares can be issued as E-tickets and which are available exclusively as paper tickets. You might want an Anytime Return or Off-Peak Return routed in a specific way if you want flexibility on how or when to travel.

Choose ticket options

Using Advanced Options for Customised Search

Exploring the advanced options on Trainsplit allows you to tailor your search criteria for a more personalised and refined travel experience. Here's how you can access and leverage the advanced options seamlessly:

  1. Via the Homepage
    homepage journey planner snippet

    • Begin your journey on the homepage, where you'll find the settings icon. It resembles a small gear or cogwheel and is strategically placed for easy access.
    • Clicking on the settings icon opens a convenient popup menu. Within this menu, you'll spot the "Advanced Options" feature. Select this option to delve into a range of customisation possibilities.
  2. Via the Results Screen

    results screen snippet

    • Alternatively, if you've already initiated a search and are on the results screen, look for the "Edit Search" link. It allows you to make adjustments to your current search parameters.
    • Once you've clicked "Edit Search," you'll notice a settings icon on the journey planner. This icon is typically represented as a small gear or cogwheel. Click on the settings icon, and like a magician unveiling secrets, it opens up the Advanced Options popup. This is your canvas for customisation, where you can shape your search criteria according to your preferences and requirements.

Navigating the Advanced Options Popup

Navigating the Advanced Options on the previous TrainSplit sites can greatly enhance your travel planning experience. Familiarising yourself with these features opens up a world of customisation. You can easily toggle split tickets on or off, allowing you to include or excluding cross-London fares (more about this here). The intensive search option, although potentially slower, offers the prospect of discovering more economical ticket options.

Delve into the route customisation options, where you can choose specific routes via preferred locations, avoid certain stations, and set the maximum number of changes for your journey. Tailor your search even further by adding extra change time to your itinerary. Moreover, you have the flexibility to include or exclude specific train operators and travel modes, ensuring a personalised and comprehensive search tailored to your preferences.

Advanced Options

Ticket types Explained: Advance, Off Peak, Anytime

Advance Tickets:

  • Best for Planning Ahead: Ideal for passengers with fixed travel plans.
  • Savings: Offers significant cost savings compared to other ticket types.
  • Flexibility: Limited flexibility, as these tickets are tied to specific trains and times.
  • Availability: Limited in quantity and subject to price increases closer to the travel date.
  • Refund Policy: Generally non-refundable, with a few exceptions to accommodate specific circumstances. For instance, rebooking the exact same journey before the departure of the first booked train is one such exception. Please refer to the terms & conditions for more detailed information regarding our policies and procedures.

2. Off-Peak Tickets:

  • Flexible Travel Times: Allows travel during off-peak hours, offering flexibility.
  • Cost-Effective: More affordable than Anytime Tickets.
  • Time Restrictions: Travel restrictions during peak hours apply, but times vary.
  • Refund Policy: Refundable minus a £10 admin fee if wholly unused, with specific conditions.

3. Anytime Tickets:

  • Ultimate Flexibility: No time restrictions, providing the most flexibility.
  • Higher Cost: Typically more expensive than Advance and Off-Peak options.
  • Spontaneous Travel: Suitable for last-minute or unplanned journeys.
  • Refund Policy: Refundable minus a £10 admin fee if wholly unused, often with more lenient conditions compared to other tickets.

Choosing the right ticket type depends on your travel preferences, flexibility, and budget. Advance for cost-conscious planners, Off-Peak for flexible schedules, and Anytime for those who prioritise spontaneity and ultimate flexibility.

Journey summary option

Choose a journey from the results and then tap on the "Journey Summary" option in the cart section to experience a cleaner look compared to the older version.

The Journey Summary modal on the search results screen displays live data and can be refreshed as needed.

journey summary old vs new

Seat Selector

On the new platform, you have the option to enter seating preferences (please note that preferences cannot be guaranteed) or utilise the interactive seat selector on the ticket information screen.

seat selector

choose seats

Choose your seat, and once you're satisfied, tap "Confirm Selection."

pick a seat

Explore other features on the new platform that you may already be familiar with:

  • Sold Out Fares: In the search results view, the new platform goes the extra mile by including sold-out fares. This feature ensures transparency, allowing users to see which options are currently unavailable.

  • Permalinks Support: Enjoy the convenience of using past links with the support of permalinks. Whether you're revisiting a specific journey or sharing details with others, this feature makes navigation smoother.

  • Cross-London Travel Warnings: With the advanced option enabled, the platform introduces warnings for results that do not include fares for cross-London travel. This proactive feature helps users stay informed about potential travel limitations and make well-informed decisions.

Cross London warning

Icons explained

Navigating through the train ticket options can sometimes feel like decoding a visual language. Understanding the various icons associated with your journey is key to making informed decisions. Let's unravel the meanings behind these symbols so that you can confidently plan your travel. Here's a detailed breakdown of each icon and what it signifies:

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.10.00
Limited Availability Icon: This icon serves as an alert for limited ticket availability at the current price. By hovering over it, you can get precise information on the remaining number of tickets at this rate.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.10.13
Split Tickets Icon: When you spot this icon, it signifies the availability of split tickets, offering you an opportunity to explore potential savings. Hover over the icon to discover the amount you're saving by splitting your tickets for this journey.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.11.23
Slower and Overtaken Icon: This particular icon is a visual indicator for journeys that are comparatively slower and might have been overtaken by other, potentially faster, alternatives.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.12.07
Paper Ticket Only Icon: If you come across this icon, it means that the fare is exclusive to paper tickets, and electronic tickets (E-tickets) cannot be used for this particular offering.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.13.02
E-ticket Icon: The presence of this icon indicates that the fare is E-ticketable, allowing you the convenience of using electronic tickets for your journey.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.14.50
Seat Reservation Icon: This icon provides valuable information about seat reservation options for the specific journey. A simple click will reveal more details about seating arrangements.

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 14.15.26
Information Icon: Serving as a gateway to additional details, the information icon invites you to click for an in-depth look into various aspects related to your journey.

Digital Railcards


Did you know that we now offer Digital Railcards for your convenience. Save your railcards directly on the Trainsplit app, making your travel planning even more accessible and efficient. 

In essence, the new Trainsplit platform is not just a visual upgrade; it's a commitment to providing a more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable travel planning experience, all while maintaining the same great prices and offering even more journey options. Explore the myriad of new features at your fingertips.

Feel free to share your feedback or queries with us – your insights are invaluable as we strive to continuously improve our services.

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