Split Ticketing and Delay Repay

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Nick Brown

11 Jan 20212 min read

Most people know that compensation for delays on train journeys is payable using an (often generous) scheme called “delay repay”. However many people (including many within the rail industry) don’t know that this works with split tickets as well.

That’s right, if you’ve saved a lot of money by using TrainSplit to buy split tickets instead of buying through tickets, you’re still entitled to claim full compensation for your entire journey, not just for each ticket.

Last January, the Rail Development Group sent out a staff briefing regarding split tickets and what is and isn’t allowed. This was leaked on the excellent RailUKForums. The important part of this document reads like this:

Compensation for delays is usually paid when customers experience a delay on their full journey, regardless of the number of tickets held. When a delay results in a customer with multiple valid tickets arriving at their destination late, multiple tickets may be submitted with a claim for a delayed journey.

We’ve heard of train companies denying this when you’re claiming compensation. We suggest that you don’t accept that and that you press the matter. Their compensation team should know about this staff brief and they should know the rules.

As always, if you’ve bought your tickets from us and are having trouble, contact our friendly customer services team. We can ensure that you’re armed with the correct information to counter any rejections you might get. But above all, don’t worry about it. The train companies are getting quite good at understanding the rules around split tickets now, and you’ll probably find that they just pay out automatically.

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